Description: Body that promotes organic farming through certification
What is good: Farming organically means farming sustainably
HQ Location and Country: UK
Operation locations: Certified farms throughout UK

The Soil Association and Soil Association Land Trust are part of Soil Association Certification UK Ltd. This is run as a not for profit company that as well as helping to deliver parts of the Charity’s strategy also generates financial returns that are ploughed back into the Charity’s wider work. The Soil Association Land Trust was established to acquire and maintain farmland sustainably and to connect the public with land stewardship

How it shows

Getting organised; the certification process ensures standards are adhered to


Sustainable practice; organic farming is sustainable

Wide engagement; The charity has basic democratic structure, it is open to certified members but they can be associate members. The membership votes for the trustees and votes. The organisation has over 6,000 businesses who turn the theory into practice