Imagine the political economy that can be created when everyone can see the power and extent of human cooperation and it becomes the approach of choice for new ventures.

This site is is an encyclopaedia of what good looks like.

Why Hope-Wiki? Well HoPE stands for what I call Holistic Political Economy, you could as easily say circular, regenerative, sustainable, or human scale political economy [*]. 

Why a Wiki? Because, even though its not a free for all I want people to become contributors.

All over the world people are cooperating and collaborating. You probably can think of some examples - lets get them in here so they are no longer hiding in plain sight but their true scope and scale becomes evident. A new economy is being born. Continue on this site to discover examples of what good looks like, join in and help the alternative political economy grow to maturity.

As it grows up the implications will be profound; a completely new political settlement will be needed and will develop along side it.

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