Description: Online resource for analysis of power
What is good: Accessible tool for any to use
HQ Location and Country: Sussex University
Operation locations: International, online

An online resource for the analysis of power. is a website with downloadable documents and instructions. 

How it shows

Help and Resources; A useful tool for thinking about incumbent power and the analysis of how to create influence when planning a campaign for social or policy change  - I would liken it to the approaches used by sales people to look at a target company organisation structure and identify influencers, decision makers etc. in sales campaigns.


Learning system; comes from an Action Research approach developed by Participation, Power and Social Change team, at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex


Powercube Looks quite old, material is from 2006-11 period. Having said that

If you visit the site be aware that (c. July 2020) the contact us link does not work and the link to Powerhouse goes to an organisation called Ning that has been a subsidiary of several Silicon Valley startups, these don't look like companies who would be of much use to Powercube users.