Description: a collaborative body of more than 60 members and dozens of observers that advocate for resources and solutions to pollution problems
What is good: a collaborative, multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral approach
HQ Location and Country: c/o SPTS Sàrl CHEMIN DE LA CHESNAIE 8 1219 Châtelaine, Genève Switzerland
Operation locations: Worldwide

Organisation description; 

In 2012, Pure Earth initiated the Alliance with representatives from The World Bank, UNEP, UNDP, UNIDO, Asian Development Bank, the European Commission, Ministries of Environment and Health of many low and middle-income countries (LMICs) to formulate strategies to address pollution and health at scale. GAHP has proven its effectiveness and incorporated as a foundation in 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. 

How it shows

Getting organised; Getting this subject on the agenda 


It has relatively wide engagement provides measurement and resources. 


This organisation is doing what it can across wide groups of stakeholders within the boundaries of the current global establishment (world bank, UN, ADB, EU and Government Ministries). But you have to start somewhere and this is a massive problem that reduces the potential for people to flourish.


Industrial pollution is often treated as externality leaving it to civil society to clean up, when that happens it maintains profitability for some at the expense health for the many. Perhaps the alliance should look to the formulation of governance and regulation in pollution generating industries that would have the effect of making the prevention and cleanup of pollution a cost of business.