Description: Campaign for democracy in the EU
What is good: Advocacy of wide participation
HQ Location and Country: National Collectives (Belgium, Czechia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and UK
Operation locations: Pan European

DiEM25 is a campaign group set up by Yanis Varoufarkis and others  to bring about democracy in the EU by 2025. 

How it shows

Getting organised; It is here because of its advocacy of democratisation in the EU, it allows for a sceptical position whilst at the same time recognising the benefits of working together.


Good process; It is a strong advocate of cross party cooperation. Internally open and democratic.


Some of its aims get into traditional areas of "left" politics such as advocacy for Green New Deal and Universal Basic Income.


Although DiEM25 has now set up some national political parties this is a tactic to achieve influence in the campaign to get change within the EU. It emphasises that it is a movement and treats parties as electoral wings of the movement.