Description: Worldwide campaign organisation/movement
What is good: Decentralised, self organising, network
HQ Location and Country: Formed in UK
Operation locations: Worldwide, 69 countries, 1134 groups (July 2020)

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse. It believes that the tigger point for action is a change in attitudes that can be created by its activity - once 3.5% of people are persuaded to become active in the campaign. 

How it shows

Getting organised; The mission of the organisation/movement is to leave a world fit for future generations, to mobilise enough people to start a perception change (3.5%), look for regenerative approaches, challenge comfort zones, learn as they go, mitigate power, avoid blaming individuals, total commitment to non-violence, autonomy and decentralisation.


Wide engagement; From their site "At the core of Extinction Rebellion’s philosophy is nonviolent civil disobedience. We promote civil disobedience and rebellion because we think it is necessary - we are asking people to find their courage and to collectively do what is necessary to bring about change". 


Holistic political economy will not be brought into existence simply be people doing to for themselves, nor just be top down action in parliaments. It is certain to meet with opposition. In the tradition of the Chartists and other no violent protest such as the Velvet Revolution is Eastern Europe as well as that family organised by leaders such as Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King, that non violent direct action is a model because in order to work it requires widespread support in the general population - when the population wants change this is a way of showing strength - alternative power. 


Wikipedia has a full entry for Extinction Rebellion which includes the criticism that it has attractedy

This article The Evolution of Extinction Rebellion documents the the history of the organisation and issues it faces