Description: is a for profit online campaigning organisation
What is good: Allows anyone to participate
HQ Location and Country: San Francisco CA 94103
Operation locations: Worldwide - internet enabled is a for profit multinational that generates revenue from its campaigning activity either in fees or in marketing from user generated data

How it shows

Getting organised; uses technology to enable anyone to start a campaign and see if other have the same views- this will show in the number of people who sign the petition

Help and Resources; Campaigning activity is not limited to petitions it will partner with specific campaign organisation as well as individuals, the office staff can provide help and resources for the campaigns that are 


Wide engagement: operates through out the world on the issues that its members raise. 


From their site; " is a Public Benefit Corporation, and is also held to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency set by B Lab, an independent certifying group. As a Public Benefit Corporation,’s mission and commitment to empowering people everywhere are legally part of the company’s corporate charter. In certain countries, largely across Asia and Latin America, the Foundation supports people to use technology to campaign for change, and is also supported through philanthropic contributions. claims to have underlying values that might align with holistic political economy, on its recruitment pages it says; "’s immediate goal is for our organisation to reflect the beautiful and diverse world we inhabit. We are actively questioning and working to disrupt systems that lead to oppression. We see our work in fostering inclusivity as a constant process to improve ourselves, the places we work and the world around us so that everyone can thrive. And we do so with integrity, honesty, and humility at every step in that journey." Nevertheless it has a business model that could not work if its objectives were realised cf. Organise

For a fuller critique see this article on Activist Facts (however be aware this is part of a larger rather opaque group The Centre for Organisational Research and Education.