Description: 38 Degrees is an online campaigning organisation
What is good: Allows anyone to participate
HQ Location and Country: London, EC1R 0NE
Operation locations: UK wide internet enabled

38 Degrees is an online campaigning organisation allowing anyone to participate

How it shows

Getting organised; uses technology to enable anyone to start a campaign and see if other have the same views- this will show in the number of people who sign the petition

Help and Resources; Campaigning activity is not limited to petitions it will partner with specific campaign organisation as well as individuals, the office staff can provide help and resources for the campaigns that are 


Wide engagement: polls it members out what is important and if it should campaign on certain topics e.g. during Brexit it polled its membership.


From a holistic political economy perspective this is an issue based organisation; it does not have or imply any vision for a better society. It says this "We are not connected to any political parties, and are funded by donations from our members. Our independence means we can campaign on issues that we feel passionately about and that we decide on together. We are driven by issues and outcomes, and judge all politicians by the same standards." emphasis added. However it takes it as a given that anyone has a right to participate and seeks to use technology to facilitate this, as such it is most certainly a step in the right direction.