Description: Campaign to get independents elected to the council
What is good: Non partisan pragmatic approach to using g what is available for the benefit of the area
HQ Location and Country: Sommerset, UK
Operation locations: Frome

Independents for Frome (IfF) is a new way of working for local politics. Not about parties or arguments or national issues. Candidates from all backgrounds and with a range of different opinions are united by one thing - – what’s best for Frome. That enables them to work together.

How it shows

Just doing it and getting organised; the campaign mail operates at election time, between elections The councillors elected are then able to work without party political ideology to make the best decisions they can for the town without a ‘whip’ or formal leadership. 


Good process; the independents agree to act together using five core values as a guide;

  • Independence: We will each make up our own mind about each decision without reference to a shared dogma or ideology.
  • Integrity: Decisions will be made in an open and understandable manner. Information will be made available even when we make mistakes and everyone will have the opportunity to influence decisions.
  • Positivity: We will look for solutions, involving others in the discussions, not just describe problems.
  • Creativity: Use new, or borrowed, ideas from within the group and the wider community to refresh what we do and how we do it.
  • Respect: Understand that everyone has an equal voice and is worth listening to.