Description: Private retailer - shoe repair, locksmiths, related products and services
What is good: Employment practice
HQ Location and Country: UK Wythenshaw Manchester
Operation locations: UK and Ireland

Timpson is a British multinational retailer specialising in shoe repairs, key cutting, locksmith services and engraving, as well as dry cleaning and photo processing. The company also offers mobile phone repairs, jewellery and watch repair, and custom-made house signs. It is based in Wythenshawe, Manchester,  and currently has over 2155 outlets in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

How it shows

Just doing it; family run with an eye on keeping going, after expansion it retained its core values.


Good process; its employment practices stand out, it is regularly in the top 10 best companies to work for. It pays what it can afford not as little as it can get away with. It employees ex-offenders.