Description: Charitable Trust supporting Community Business
What is good: Small scale local business strengthens communities
HQ Location and Country: The Clarence Centre 6 St George’s Circus London SE1 6FE
Operation locations: UK Wide offices in Bristol and Sheffield

Power to Change is an independent charitable trust that supports and develops community businesses in England. They use their endowment (lottery funding) to strengthen community businesses across England by providing money, advice and support to help local people come together to take control.  In their words "Community businesses can be any type of business that trades products and services such as shops, transport, farms, hubs, pubs, gardens or leisure centres, run by local people for the benefit of the local community."

How it shows

Getting organised; "Since we started, the number of community businesses has more than doubled in just over 5 years and approx. 6400 community assets are now in local hands. From parks to pubs, libraries to leisure centres."

Help and Resources; "We champion community businesses. We provide support where it’s needed most. We have invested over £100 million into community businesses. Two-thirds of this money and support went into the 30% most deprived areas"


Wide engagement;  As at 2021 there are 11,300 community business, 67% of the funding is directed to the 30% most deprived areas, 2600 grants have been made, and £100m in funding has been found.

Its worth also following the links to case studies and using the search filter on their site for local examples - these really are inspiring.


Whilst this organisation uses lottery funding and has a conventional management and organisation structure with CEO and staff, it is sponsoring small scale local businesses - of ten theses have community ownership models. As vehicles for regeneration based on small scale local rooted business where the money in the economy is retained and circulates locally so that the community businesses that result are undoubtedly examples of what good looks like.