Description: A collaborative made up of organisations and individuals who want to create a wellbeing economy
What is good: A wellbeing economy is one that delivers social justice on a healthy planet
HQ Location and Country: Online organisaiton
Operation locations: Worldwide membership with a growing number of Regional hubs

Paraphrasing;  The Wellbeing Economy Alliance aims to make significant change in a 10 year period. It wants to act as a catalyst by linking and coordinating activity across organisations, groups and individuals to build up a critical mass for a change towards a common vision of a better economy - one which serves all people. It is founded on the belief (which the author of holistic political economy shares) that a global movement is coalescing among a large number of individuals and organisations around the need to shift economies to one broadly focused on ‘sustainable wellbeing’. They may have used different approaches and different languages, but all share a common goal.

How it shows

Joining the dots; As they say "The current economic system (the “old way”) responds to the common needs of humanity and the planet in ways that do not address the heart of problems and do not make life better for all. In fact, often problems are made worse or at best, responses act as ‘sticking plasters’. In a Wellbeing Economy (the “new way”), responses would be person-centred, geared towards environmental protection and regeneration, positive, and long-term. The exciting thing is – the new way is already emerging, with inspiring examples around the world showing us the way."

Getting organised; As they say "‘What is needed’ has been clear to many groups and academics, and to large numbers of citizens for some time. ‘How to make it happen’ is the key issue. Building a critical mass matters, so does the nature of the wellbeing political economy


Learning system/Help and Resources; Provides information about working alternatives through briefings, policy papers, and a resource hub of which includes videos ranging from 5 minute introductions to longer in depth treatments, articles and a reading list.

Wide engagement; Open to organisations and individuals, has members worldwide

Balanced measurement; is actively looking at alternatives to the use of GDP 


Looking at the world through a system thinking lens and trying to build a story from first principle is what led me (independently of any knowledge of this organisation) to describe what I call holistic political economy. The well bring economy fits very closely, its reassuring to see so many others arriving at similar position s independently because it corroborates my view that better is within the bounds of human nature, and can be transitioned too if enough people and organisations believe in an alternative - and have the case studies and narratives to articulate it.


Changing minds is a huge undertaking and entrenched, incumbent power will use delaying tactics, mis-imformation and worse to stop this happening...dealing with existing and building new sources of power remains a key issue.