Description: A think tank looking at how to enable community business
What is good: Seeks to get more resources and power to local communities
HQ Location and Country: 4th Floor, 18 St. Cross Street, London, EC1N 8UN
Operation locations: Has 60+ local council partnering with it throughout the UK

New Local is an independent think tank and network of councils, with a mission to transform public services and unlock community power. They say "At the heart of all this is the belief in community power – the idea that people should have more say over the places they live and the services they use. We believe a paradigm shift is needed to create sustainable public services, better places to live – and enhanced wellbeing for all."


How it shows

Getting organised;  "Our network spreads across the country, covers a range of tiers of local government and draws participation from senior councillors and officers"  

Help and resources; Undertakes research and presents its findings, brings it learning about what works to the councils it works with.


Wide engagement;


Not in itself an example of what good looks (its a standard organisation structure, board and trustees) but it is trying to bring about a different approach by directing funds too community businesses - its objective to be neither state nor market driven but to demonstrate the power of people organising local, provided the they can access resources is entirely in line a more holistic political economy.