Description: A thing tank for working out local economic strategies
What is good: Keeps money circulating locally and jhelps creates a viable common wealth with stronger local democracy
HQ Location and Country: CLES, 52 Oak Street, Swan Square, Manchester, M4 5JA
Operation locations: UK wide

CLES is the national organisation for local economies - developing progressive economics for people, planet and place. It works by thinking and doing, to achieve social justice and effective public services.

Its is a think and do tank, which means that its creative thinking and strategic policy activity is informed by practice. It is part of a global network of ‘thinkers and doers’ who are articulating and progressing a new, socially just mainstream in economics and social policy.

How it shows

Community wealth building is a people-centred approach to local economic development. It reorganises local economies to be fairer. It stops wealth flowing out of our communities, towns and cities. Instead, it places control of this wealth into the hands of local people, communities, businesses and organisations.

Help and resources are provided through the Centre of Excellence, Getting organised through its projects.


Learning system - Experience of projects on the ground is captured so that it can be refined

Wide engagement - bring together local communities, business, councils and academic research 

CF. The Preston Model is an example of the use of this approach