Description: European Bank
What is good: Invests ethically and has governance to protect its independence and mission
HQ Location and Country: HQ Netherlands
Operation locations: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, GB, Spain and an agency in France.

It has 700,000 customers in Netherlands, GB, Spain and an agency in France. It says; Since 1980, our sustainable financial products have enabled individuals and organisations to use their money in ways that benefit people and the environment.

How it shows

Just doing it; It is possible to set up an ethical bank under existing regulations and legislation and to devise a management structure that protects its purpose by protecting it from takeover. 


Sustainable Practice; Its website explains that to ensure the special character and mission of the bank remains protected, its shares are held in a dedicated Foundation, which issues depository receipts to anyone that wishes to buy them. Depository receipts are not listed on the stock exchange, but traded on our own platform. As of 2018, we have over 42,000 depository receipt holders.

Trading can be suspended and dividends are not guaranteed. The foundation independently exercises the voting rights attached to the shares owned by it. In doing so, it has to follow the stipulation that its decision are guided by the interests of the depository receipt holders and the interests of the Bank, as well as by the principles expressed in the objects of the Bank.