Description: Global Chemical Company
What is good: Balance between its social purpose and business needs
HQ Location and Country: UK
Operation locations: HQ Wollaston, operations in rest of Europe (Iberia, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe), Asia, Middle East, Australia and more

Scott Bader is €230 million global chemical company and employing nearly 700 people with 6 manufacturing 13 office sites. It manufactures products for the Composites, Advanced Composites, Adhesives and Speciality Polymers markets, offering a full range of technologies and manufacturing capabilities for many market sectors. It has ongoing investment in R&D to meet custom needs. 

How it shows

Just doing it; Since its creation as a Trusteeship in 1951, Scott Bader’s philosophy is that a business should only exist to create value for the people of the planet. Scott Bader is common trusteeship company and has a self-governing structure. Its shares are held in trust by the Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited, a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. Having no external shareholders, it cannot be acquired so is more stable and can plan ahead. Social responsibility is an integral part of what the company does. 


Balanced Measurement; As they ask; are we perfect at embedding this notion of social responsibility in all we do? The answer is NO, but they do have actions to improve it. The 2036 vision has a balanced scorecard with a specific element on society to assess social impact. 

Sustainable Practice; Through its 2036 Vision Scott Bader is trying to maintain the balance between its social purpose and business needs balance its support for employees, society and the environment. They are currently trying to find ways to achieve long-term sustainability goals using three focus areas (pillars) - Business, Ecology and Humanity. They are challenging if all the businesses they are in really add value to society. They are also looking at  ways to engage more colleagues in charitable actions .