Description: Leeds Food Aid Network
What is good: Cooperation across many different organisations
HQ Location and Country: Leeds UK
Operation locations: Leeds UK

Leeds Food Aid Network (FAN) exists to help bring different people, initiatives and institutions together who are involved in tackling food poverty in the city of Leeds.

How it shows

Getting Organised; Leeds FAN helps to stimulate interactions so people can connect more effectively to help people struggling with food poverty. Food Aid is a term that can be used to describe any form of food provision that assists someone in a state of food poverty. 

Using technology; The website itself, along with people connecting through phone calls, emails, meetings helps to facilitate better communication amongst those already working to tackle food poverty. Simultaneously, we hope the website can help people outside of this particular field understand more regarding what is happening in terms of food aid in Leeds.


Wide Engagement by bringing the different groups and individuals together both supply and delivery;

  • Supply - The food industry, supermarkets, shops, individuals distributing food to food providers. The organisation FareShare plays a key part in this.
  • Delivery - It includes Food Banks, Food Drop In’s/Soup Kitchens, Street Outreaches/Soup Runs, Parish/Food Pantries and certain forms of Social Enterprise.