At its simplest - if you can see something working it is more convincing and powerful than any description. Descriptions might be thought of as too idealistic, not possible or just as promises made to get into power.

Looking a bit deeper - unless it can be shown that doing things differently actually works, and is better than the way we do things now, why would anyone want to change? Successful coaches try and find good characteristics to build on, they don't focus on what is wrong*. In politics on the other hand we have a system designed to emphasise conflict. In the UK we call it Her Majesties Loyal Opposition; people say we cannot function without being able to hold the government to account. What we have is a process that allows a minority to get a majority of seats and do things based on ideology, it needs neither a consensus nor does it have to be something that works. Its not a promising way to get good governance.

So on this site the object is to show human cooperation in all its richness, variety and success. To show that we can prosper and have fairness. To affirm that we can not only demand what is ours but can make a start by just doing it right away. We don't need anyones permission for this, what we do need is belief, self confidence and agency. It is both our right and our responsibility as citizens to reach a consensus and deliver good governance. We must make the world as good as it can be for everyone and, because we only come this way once, it matters right now, not tomorrow.

What good looks like complements the Vision of Holistic Political Economy with working examples.

Holistic Political Economy starts from the observation that good things come from cooperation. It proposes that we should design institutions in such a way that at their heart are processes which seek to find, develop and build consensus. That once a consensus has been reached action will be taken in such a way that allows feedback and alteration. There will be designed into the process from the start ways to measure progress, assess outcomes and make changes; that there is nothing wrong with saying, that doesn't work, lets try something else. 

Good looks like people working together. Therefore good is primarily about organisations because it is in organisations that we see people working together. Organisations take many forms – some are formal, legally recognised membership organisations. On this site we stretch the definition of an organisation deliberately so as to include all sorts of groups, associations and informal self organising networks. Wherever people are cooperating together we can find characteristics that show what good looks like.