HELP WANTED. You may be looking at this site and thinking - I see where it wants to go but it is not set up in the best way. I agree with you, its a compromise. I have configured a basic site in a content management system (called Joomla) to get this far. It is a very flexible package and there are places where code and template overrides can make it fit the requirements much better. I don't have the time to do this - its a big learner curve and would take a lot of time and effort that would divert me from the key objective - get the ideas out there and find collaborators.

What I'd really like is help from a group of people who would form a cooperative to take over and run

The site needs to become slicker and more robust, the data needs to be curated with a simple process of addition, verification and listing. 

So far this site is the bright idea of Brian Fish - the author of where holistic political economy is described. I am convinced that gathering together what good looks like can have a big impact. If it turns out to be true and takes off it will very soon outstrip my ability to keep up. In any case it is not right that a site extolling the virtues of cooperation be run by a one man band. I need help from a group of people who can make the site live up to the vision of showing what good looks like for the reasons set out elsewhere on this site.

 I can envisage several groups of people being involved 

  • Readers - in website terms public users, hopefully it may change some minds about what is possible and some join the ranks of the just doing it - perhaps it will help shift the idea of what starting a business can be about
  • Registered Users - supporters and sympathisers, loosely coupled round the ideas, those who submit articles with examples of what good looks like
  • Editors - a team of people who act as curators who check drafts and ensure information is accurate 
  • Software developers - the coop which runs the site (and perhaps other related ones) with the core aim of improving it and making sure it is robust 

Ultimately I want to lose control over this site and see a cooperative take it on. I'd like to be able to get some traction with the HoPE-Forum and The Hope Association both of which are described alongside this idea as Related Sites and as Tactics for bringing holistic political economy into being. There is no reason why these shouldn't become part of the work of the cooperative. 

To become part of the Hope-Wiki Cooperative, you will need a bundle of energy and enthusiasm but also one or more of the skills such an organisation needs. If you think you can help and want to be part of this get in touch directly using the contact page. The skills needed are 

  • Web-development skills
  • Cooperative experience
  • Legal and/or other business skills

I see no reason, in principle why this site cannot become or be backed up by a business. Whether it is funded by pay as you feel, a periodic appeal for donations, the development of consulting, selling soft skills education or a combination, or other ways I haven't even thought of yet does not matter - it is possible. Just be aware that I am not backed by anyone and cannot pay you. 

The priorities for web-development that I can see at the moment are;

  • Extending the basic functionality
    • Review the format for entries and extending the design e.g. catering for Geography and Language
    • Better searching, indexing, sorting and filtering
    • Reviewing what I originally described as HoPEdia and adapting as needed
  • Making the site and it processes robust - building an alternative power structure is the way to go, but don't expect the existing one to roll over 
    • Reviewing the contribution and editing process - should it move to a free for all with editing (like wiki) or remain a curated/edited process with publishing?
    • Making sure there is security of user data
    • Protection against attack or subversion 

There is room for debate on what good characteristics are but I must be clear and insist - this is a mindset change - we are looking for a good process to drive results (which are more likely to be good as a result). We are NOT, and are exactly the opposite of, looking at results and then trying to discover how it was done. Look at the Hope-Wiki? and Guidelines. If you don't get them, then this may not be for you.