The registered users can submit draft entry articles via the frontend of the website. The editor role will review the draft entries and add them to the main section. If you want to assist with editing first become a Registered User and then use the Contact Me form to express your interest and someone will contact you to discuss how you can help. 

A word of caution - The site is not ready to take on many new editors yet. 

As currently envisaged and set up the editor role is conducted via the backend of the website with a restricted set of authorisations. This has been specified through standard Joomla configuration.

At its simplest editing is merely to check the wording, correct any typos, change the Category from Draft to one of the Organisation Types and move the Links from custom fields to the Joomla default ones adding a textual description of the link. In the early stages this will involve adding organisation types.  It may be a good idea to talk to the organisation to clarify some points.

I want to review the approach for usability. It may turn out to be better to open draft entries to comment and then allow the authors to publish their own articles. For this reason it may be necessary to add you to a list of people who want to help but get the web-site to version 2 before it can cope with the addition of the editors role.

If you volunteer I will keep you in the loop as things develop.