Thank-you for getting this far, holistic political economy needs your help to make it seem like a no-brainer. We need all the examples we can get, and there are legions of them. Adding them here makes the fact of their existence explicit, the sheer scale and success that is revealed will help make the impossible into the inevitable.

Go through the following steps;

  1. Register as a user, complete your profile and reply to the email you get. To register as an Author go through that process using the drop down menu under Help.
  2. Go to the landing page and sign in. A new User Menu appears with an option Create draft entry
  3. As a registered user you are now able to create Content in the Draft Entry category - there are on screen instructions - you can save it and still make changes later
  4. IMPORTANT - use the Content Template button that will show you the text below as a guide to writing about the organisation you want to tell everyone about

The draft entry will be checked, may be tweaked and published under the appropriate Organisation Sub Category so if it disappears check the Entries for it.

After logging in on the Home Screen use the Create Draft Entry link on the user menu.

You will be presented with an edit screen which has instructions embedded within it. These can be overridden - its just a text area with a simple editor panel. This is a guide to help you and to encourage the standardisation of entries. Keep it brief and to the point there is no point repeating in great detail what can be found out on the organisation web-site. What matters to is to create a body of examples to show that holistic political economy is so successful and so obviously better than what we do now that the the big question becomes - why are we not doing more of it, what are we waiting for...