Thank-you for getting this far, holistic political economy needs your help to make it seem like a no-brainer. We need all the examples we can get, and there are legions of them. Adding them here makes the fact of their existence explicit, the sheer scale and success that is revealed will help make the impossible into the inevitable.

The registered users can submit draft entry articles via the frontend of the website. The editor role will review the draft entries and add them to the main section. If you want to assist with editing first become a Registered User and then use the Contact Me form to express your interest and someone will contact you to discuss how you can help. 

HELP WANTED. You may be looking at this site and thinking - I see where it wants to go but it is not set up in the best way. I agree with you, its a compromise. I have configured a basic site in a content management system (called Joomla) to get this far. It is a very flexible package and there are places where code and template overrides can make it fit the requirements much better. I don't have the time to do this - its a big learner curve and would take a lot of time and effort that would divert me from the key objective - get the ideas out there and find collaborators.

What I'd really like is help from a group of people who would form a cooperative to take over and run