The examples of what good looks like show up in the different ways people work together;

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The good characteristics that holistic political economy is interested in can be summarised as follows
For an overall introduction of these characteristics as a set of ideas read about the vision of holistic political economy here.
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  • Good Process - this is about the scope of the process and also how people experience it
  • Learning system - has feedback built in so it can adapt and change
  • Wide Engagement - no one has a monopoly of good ideas, people cooperation find solutions
  • Measurement - uses a balanced approach avoiding simplistic targets
  • Policy Making - should be evidence based , open and inclusive

 These are used as tags on the entries and are summarised in the Hope Wiki Menu.

Some organisations have better characteristics than others. Just being an organisation does not make you an example of what good looks like. What is sought are the special factors that make the organisation stand out. This will show up in some of the characteristics that they have. It is not proposed on this site to have a kitemark scheme with a formal checklist or tick box for inclusion. Instead it is hoped people with first hand experience will create the entries. The entries will be about the organisations that speak to them of cooperation and collaboration. The ones that they know about. The ones that they work in or work with. Testimony counts. Like holistic political economy itself this should be a bottom up process within a framework where judgement applies.