HoPE Wiki has been created by Brian Fish. It may be regarded as a Beta Version of what it may eventually turn into. It has been created in the spirit of the film Field of Dreams - if you build it they will come.

Details about me can be found on the About Page of my site brianfishhop.com which is my ebook on the theory and practice of what I have called holistic political economy. That site is my place for working out theory and practice. It turned out quite different at the end to what I though when I started. Now I have worked through the ideas, I'm sure to be wrong in detail but have confidence in the overall framework. It is time to open it up. 

HoPE Wiki begins the process of debate, refinement and contribution.

Right now I am a one man band which is unsatisfactory for several reasons; the whole thrust of HoPE is that it is collective and collaborative, I'm not getting any younger and although I'm capable of building and launching this site I would be delighted if it outstripped my ability to keep up with it. I want to link with others and see the formation of a cooperative to look after and run this site.

I make no money from this, and any money I may receive in the future will be used for the furtherance of Holistic Political Economy - by funding for the creation of The Hope Association and/or Hope Forum, the domains for which I already have reserved.

Join me so I can pass on the baton.


Acknowledgements; I make use of wikipedia and organisation web-sites, although I try to put things in my own words I also use text copied from these sites.